How to wear a face mask correctly: A guide to wearing it properly to protect you and yours.

We know it’s simple. But wearing a face mask properly could help you breathe easier. It will help the mask perform its designed function and maximize its efficiency.

The first thing to do is to remove the face mask from its packet by carefully tearing along the top seal. Then, gently unwrap the earband around the mask. 

Unfold the mask with the KAZE logo facing out and on the bottom. 

Loop the ear band over one ear and adjust the plastic circle pin. Then the other one. 

Please note that ear loops are designed to be pulled to the back only; pulling it to the front will result in the straps snapping off. 

Adjust the aluminum nose bridge to achieve a seal for the top front. Then adjust the plastic ear band pins until the face mask fits snugly around your nose and mouth. 

When removing your mask, please don’t just pull the mask down, even for a quick bite or sip. Remove the ear bands one at a time. Fold up the mask by touching the edge of the mask. Then put it back into KAZE’s resealable packet. If the mask is wet or contaminated, please throw away.

That’s all there is to it. Keep KAZE. Stay KAZE.